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How to design a conference poster in Inkscape

11 May 2017 - Ljubljana

Scientific Poster Design

Designing conference posters


Making a Math Conference Poster with Inkscape

Be carefull with layers and how objects use them, if you export to .pdf and can not see everything that you have in your .svg, there is something wrong with the layers and you have to “remix” them until it works


  1. Inkscape does not work on Mac with an external screen

  2. Inkscape: tools on the left edge, colors and opacity at the bottom edge, tool properties at the right edge, menus at the top

  3. At the top left menu, under view select grid and then at the right bottom click on the snap to grid button and all the objects you create after that will snap to the grid, you can do it similar with guidelines

  4. you set up a guideline layer by pulling from the rullers at the edge of Inkscape and you can double click on them to change their properties, lock the layer when set-up

  5. make a square that fits inside your poster and inside define a color gradient that will help to guide your reader from start to finish, grading icon is located at the bottom left of Inkscape

  6. create layers and lock them(example: guideline layer) by clicking on the lock icon in the layer list and change their opacity aka transperancy option in the same toolbox

    • you need to imagine layers as physical layers and think which part of the object should be on top or below of the other
  7. group drawed objects together, so you can move them with CTRL+G or on the right bottom menu, you have group and ungroup.

  8. save as .pdf, small logos can be raster as it will not be seen their are foggy

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