Michel Cevzar

How to publish, write & cite scientific text

11 May 2017 - Ljubljana

Scientists should write more texts that are aimed towards a general public. But it used to be complicated to copy and paste all the references etc. format the text and graphics, publish… Below are the tools to perform all of the above in a fast and easy way.

We will take two biggest pains out of writing referenced text. Citations and design.

1. If you have nowhere to publish or want to publish on your own website, otherwise skip this part

Setup your free webpage using GitHub Pages.

LINK to Github pages

Read paywalled research papers for free.

3. Copy & Paste on steroids

Easy Copy allows you to copy text and then paste it in MediaWiki, Markdown or any other form or syntax you wish. I use this [%title%](%url%) which will paste the words I colored together with the URL and put them in Mardown syntax.

4. Setup Mendeley to automaticaly generate .bib files

5. Setup a text editor for writing the text


You can install SublimeText or Atom, they offer autocomplete for your bib files but need to install some plugins and expect some tweaking. Maybe also Jupyter Notebook also has that feature.

If I have more time I will create a more detailed guide. If you are interested drop me an email.